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By Mol Smith & onview films in association with kemikal films


A father and daughter invent a teleportation device designed to ultimately replace all other forms of transport on Earth. During one of the tests, the daughter disappears and fails to arrive at the receiving device. The father desperately tries to recover her with devastating consequences. A shocking mind-boggling twist in the tale of a story with many layers to excite, horrify, and explore the power of human love.


A Mol Smith movie produced by Onview Films in Association with Kemikal Films


This film produced with the inspiration of Kemal Yildirim of Kemikal Films and full co-production, shooting and major collaborate association, brings their collection of skills and expertise together like never before to create an original movie on a small budget which,  aimed  at 'wowing' and surprising its audience, delivers a surprising and powerful multi-layered story.

Mol's images and his films are unique in their subject matter and impossible to pigeon-hole into a genre. He wishes this film to be more like his images: bold, unfettered by the shift in this 21st century towards ever-increasing restrictions in the freedoms of individuals to express, not only their art, but their thoughts. He believes the human body is the ultimate art form, chiselled  out by the Universe from its own matter and driven by its unique design and its 'hidden' intention. Nudity is not a taboo, but a celebration of our innocence of what we really are and a declaration that once we don clothes we are able create all manner of sinister deeds, like wolves in sheep clothing.

The Chair To Everywhere is an ambitious movie with many layers, but primarily it is a highly atmospheric Gothic work transposed onto a 21st century landscape, and a personal act of resistance against the cultural trend throughout most of the world towards eve more censorship of the human journey of exploration.

If you are bored with main stream videos, especially Sci-Fi with over sentimental emotional interruptions within the orgy of mass CGI and extraordinary effects - often replacing good story-telling, then you are likely to love this movie. 


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