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Project Aim

To collaborate and produce a quirky comic/horror movie on a low budget with people able to maximises their skills when working alongside equally dedicated and creative people.



Predominantly involving proven actors with past experience 

working with the director/creator and understand his working style and vision.




A female doctor steals her young beautiful patient from the hospital where she feels that mistreatment caused by disbelief of the medical professionals will fail to help the suffering victim. The young girl, Bozena has been repeatedly abducted and experimented with by Aliens, for reasons unknown, and has frequent fits which culminate in the death of living things close by.


Hot on her trail, an agent is keen to question the girl and to find out more about her disappearances.


Bozena is taken to the aide and helper of the female doctor, a man dedicated to helping previous 'abductees' but someone fighting inner conflicts and his own demons.


But, nothing is at it seems as the viewer is taken on a journey of

sometimes horrific, sometimes comic twists and turns into a culminating showdown between the Alien forces and their human prey.






The Exorcist,

The World’s End Pub (Comedy),

Communion, starring Christopher Walken

Monty Python



The director/creator has his own signature and style to his movies but this will be the first one where comic factors are overtly mixed and blended with graphic horror and sinister themes.


It many ways, it is an experiment to discover the impact of merging two opposing genres.


Much low budget CGI work has gone into the film to produce Sci-Fi effects which are convincing despite the low budget. 

Follow Up

Abduction 2 has been filmed - a sequel! Release date 2018, Summer to Autumn. Amazon Prime.




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