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Lorie Lanie-Shanks


UK young actress Lorie, makes her debut in a lead role as Louise, the woman troubled by her past. Lorie is from Warwickshire.

Attended drama college and obtained a level 3 diploma in perforning art. Went on to play characters like Joanna (Sweeny Todd), Mrs Johnstone (Blood Brothers), Fantine (Les miserables) and Pozzo (Waiting for Godot) in small productions. Currently working in a professional theatre company ‘Spitfire’ as a professional dancer/actress in ‘Oh Lais’.  I love writing music and lyrics, acting and playing the guitar. I have cycled to London from Bristol and cycled around Warwickshire along side a man in a kayak, down the canal. I have been in many short films and I am extremely passionate about acting and the arts. 

Sophie Townsend


Interest in acting since a young age taking on roles such as Sophocles 'Antigone' and Lorca's 'Yerma', starred in an anti-binge drinking campaign in 2006 which released DVDs across Wiltshire and Hampshire in schools, colleges and community centres alongside 20,000 posters. Worked at Butlins as a character animator for 5 years before moving onto study psychology and education at undergraduate level at Oxford brookes university. Have climbed kilimanjaro and basecamp Everest. Have an interest in makeup along the side particularly horror.

Kemal Yildirim


Kemal Yildirim is an award winning independent filmmaker and actor, nominated ambassador of Northampton due to his filmmaking contribution. Kemal developed, produced and directed feature length drama film Rose; awarded Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award and making the official selection in the Portobello and London Independent Film Festival. Rose is now preparing for its 2014 international multi platform release.

Kemal’s feature length movie acting roles include the most recent Malady that is being screened at the 25th Annual Cinequest film festival, Secrets which had an official screening at the Abu Dhabi Cultual night at the Cannes film festival other credits include The Turning and Shades of a Killer plus various short films such as The Last Hit, The Collector and The Trip. With broadcast credits such as Gorezone TV series End Transmission and TV spots on Anglia TV’s Crimestoppers.

As well as a career in performing & film production Kemal works as a Film-Making and Actor Mentor; facilitating acting workshops, youth engagement and community cohesion workshops. Previous experience includes mentoring Northampton University’s BA Performing Arts students in their final thesis and supporting their film production and screening.


Ruth Cutis


Ruth was born in Oxford and trained at Hull University.  An experienced actress and voice over artist, she works on stage, screen and radio. Recently she has become presenter of online phenomenon WAWOW (see As a professional actress, Ruth has appeared in several feature films as well as short films and corporate videos. Her many radio credits include Heights for BBC Radio 4, Waves for BBC Radio Network North and a 20-part novel serialisation for BBC York. 

She is also a highly experienced roleplayer and workshop leader. Ruth has swum with dolphins, flown light aircraft and done a tandem skydive. She loves to ride Segway and has done Blokarting, gliding, quad biking, water skiing and abseiled down the side of Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital to raise money for cancer charity Heads Up. The MS Society appointed Ruth a Cake Break Ambassador for 2013 – as part of this role, she tried to eat more cake!


Sophie Townsend


Sophie's main role in the film was make-up, but she also played the part of a stranger in the parlour of Julia's under-taking business.

Waterglass DVD: Wisdom Like Silence



Integral to the film is the music by London Dark Side band: Waterglass.














Ethereal, gritty,  music and lyrics which reflect our human experieces in the 21st century, the music of Waterglass echoes not just throughout this film, but through all our lives. 


Les & Mol


Les & Mol make films. With a firm passion for story-telling, Mol believes everyone has a story to tell, and everyone should have a go at telling it. Self-taught, and poorly educated at 'get-your-face-bashed-in-every-day school' in Mitcham,  South London,  he produces books, movies, & mayhem. Mols Moll, Lesley, long-suffering his inappropriate humour, fulfils the various other roles of script editor, continuity editor, sound recordist , and critic. They consider film making should not be just for the big companies, but a pursuit readily accessible to all. Mol says:


"There is no reason today, given the low cost of good quality technology, for everyone not to be making great movies for under £1000. The cheapest DSLR is capable of shooting films superior in quality to nearly all the films made up to the  1990s. The big film companies make money producing eye-candy. Small Indie film-makers, produce films with compelling narrative which often mirrors our human experience in profound ways. "

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