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Onview Films are now in Post Production of another full length feature film aimed at release in 2016. The movie, called The Lorelei, is their most ambitious project yet. Full details here.

News 1. Previous Movies

Onview Films have made two previous features films and several shorts. Working on small budgets with zero investors, and zero suits, they are free to explore films which differ from main stream eye candy and therefore generate original, thought-provoking, and entertaining movies.

Previous two feature film websites: DARK MATTER     TAINTED LOVE

News 2. Strong Female Leads

Onview Films make films from scripts which contain strong female lead characters. Some of the actors who have played Main lead feature film roles are: Jodie Jameson, Jamie-Jodie Shanks, Samantha Morrish, and Lorie-Lanie Shanks. 

News 3. Shorts To Feature Films

Onview Films often make short films to 'try-out' actors, styles,  ideas for planned feature films. The latest 30 minute film 'Dead Positive' is a try-out to bring together several actors 'ear-marked' for a main feature to be made later this year 2015.

Kemal & Lorie in 'Dead Positive'.

News 4. Streamlined Future

Onview Films  films are streamed on new disruptive channels across the internet. They believe the future of film entertainment should not remain with  a handful of global film distributors. Their movies can be watched on Vimeo On Demand.

'Away For Christmas'  also called 'Haunted' (the director's cut).

News 5. Discovering New Talent

Sex And Death Movie Productions like finding new potential and talent. Sophie Townsend worked on the film 'Dead Positive' but is now taking a main role in a new feature film planned for shooting this year. The company  seeks to encourage the pursuit and art of film making to young upcoming people.

Sophie Townsend.. new actor.

News 6. Waterglass Music

Onview Films love the music by the London Goth band Waterglass.  Film maker Mol Smith contacted Andrew Futek - Writer and band musician, to offer his best begging methods to use some of the bands tracks in the film Dead Positive. But, sharing similar creative co-operative ideologies, Andrew and the band were generous and warm with their help. 

Have you heard their music yet? Listen to some tracks here!

Waterglass 2015

News 7. Great Actors

Onview Films  have had the honour to work with some fine and talented actors: Mel Mills,  Dominic O'Flynn,  Gina Purcel,  Sharon Lawrence,  Jamie-Jodie Shanks,  Paul Lavers,  Kelsey Williams,  Sue Parker-Nutley,  Samantha Morrish,  Jodie Jameson... to name a few!

Mel Mills

News 8. One Vision

Onview Films  is the brain child of Mol Smith. Starting out writing scripts, he soon realised the odds-against chances of seeing his scripts made into movies. The solution? Go and make the movie yourself. His style is to probe the nature of human beings, and what they might be capable of outside of the gaze of others. When Mol sums up life he says: "You're born, have sex, have kids... you die!"  Which is why his small movie obsession is called: Sex And Death Movies.

Mol Smith

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