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Your safe guide and friend to show you Aswan on the Nile.

Call me now and let me help you plan your visit to Aswan and Luxor.

0020 114 246 4016
How I Can Help you

My Service To You


I'm a Nubian resident of Aswan with my own Felucca and with 30 years experience of welcoming and safely guiding visitors to the Nile in Aswan & Luxor. I can assist you planning your journey here, selecting hotels, and collccting you from the airport. I can be your daily guide, when you are here, transporting you to all the sites, and I can even take you on my own sailing boat - a Felucca - on a tour to villages along the Aswan stretch of the Nile. 


I am known throughout Aswan and all surrounding areas as Captain Hamdy Cook. My friendliness, my sincerity, and care of people who visit our country is famous. I am here to ensure your holiday is a treasured jewel to remember lovingly forever.  My services are inexpensive and my knowledge will save you many, many dollars and pounds by ensuring you are never paying more than the going rate for taxis, hotels, food, gifts etc.


I speak and understand English and, of course - Nubian Egyptian. Aswan and Luxor are safe destinations despite the sad news of unrest here in the last few years. These things have passed, and with a stable government, my beloved country opens her arms again to you. Come, let us embrace you and show you a world which still remains intact for over 3000 years: our ancient temples and monuments, the lush green belt of the Nile within a desolate and barren desert. 


You can even call me now or best to email me from your country so I may help you plan your visit here - where to arrive, which hotel, transportation... etc.



My two English friends Mol & Lesley have known me for 9 years. If you wish to email them to find out more about me and receive their recommendations regarding my trust, my friendliness, and my honour, please email them here.


I will ask for 25 UK pounds per day to act as your advisor, guide, and translator whilst you are in Aswan. If we use my felucca, I must pay a sailing mate to help with sails and rudder. This depends on how much of his time will be spent with us but will be no more than 15 UK pounds per day. I will never ask for more than we agree. I hope you find this is a good low price. Any costs to enter temples etc, must be borne by you.

My Own Felucca

Sail With Me On The Nile


I have my own small Felucca. It carries an English Flag and it's called Les & Mol in honour of my two beloved English friends Mol Smith & Lesley Evans. This means I can take you and your family on trips along the Nile to visit sites and villages where the people know me well.


Visit real Nubian villages. Come with me and stand on the Aswan Dam or walk with me inside the temples of Abu Simbel or Philae.

Wherever we go, you are safe. Wherever we go, I am your loyal friend.

Quick Help

Remember These


Tummy Bugs

Our money spreads germs. After handling money, use antiseptic wipes to clean hands. Drink bottled water. Street food is good where such shops are busy. Our pharmacists sell a special anti-biotic if you do get a tummy bug. It's very effective. Many western drugs for this type of illness prove to be inefficient. 


Taxis from Aswan Airport

Some taxi drivers will ask too much. Tell them you know the fare and agree a price to Aswan of around 9 to 12 UK pounds (90 - 120 Egyptian pounds.


Ferries to Elephantine Island

Hotels on the Island operate their own ferries which are free to guests and go back and forth to the city coast road all the time with a minimum wait of 10 minutes.



Arriving Internationally at, say, Cairo and transferring to a domestic flight to Aswan, you fill in a visa card on the airplane and hand it in at the money changing office in Cairo airport. You give them $25 per visa. They give you a slip. Keep the slip with your passport and present both to the immigration/customs official as you go through to the domestic flight. The official will stamp your passport with an entry visa. When you leave egypt, fill in an exit card and hand it with your passport to the officer on the way out. (No charge for exit!)



Yes, you can buy beer, wine, and spirits in specified shops in Aswan. I can take you to the shops with lowest prices. Cigarettes can be purchased too, but in different shops to alcohol. No rolling tobacco is sold though so best to buy it in duty free shops in your home country when getting your flight.

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