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As I am based in Aswan, best to arrive here

From Aswan, you can visit Luxor too. I can arrange a taxi that will take you there. Other places of interest here in Aswan are the Aswan Dam, Nubian villages (5 in all), Elephantine Island with its own museum, Aswan Souks (market places), Temples, Kitchener Island Botanical Gardens, and of course - the Nile herself. Lots to see and if you have not seen enough, Luxor is not so far away and has more to see afterwards. As we tavel, I can arrange taxis at the right prices so you never pay too much. Express flights go back and forth from Cairo Airport to Aswan all day and with a flight time of just 90 minutes, you can even be staying in Cairo and Visit me here for a few days stay in Aswam. The Aswan airport is a short taxi ride away from the town and costs around 10 to 12 UK pounds (approx. 120 Egyptian Pounds). Don't let anyone try to charge you more!


Best Times: October - May.

Egypt can be very hot indeed. Most people in the west will be more comfortable here in our cooler months. Most hotels have good air conditioning systems but if you want to go out and about, it's best to be comfortably warm.


Christmas is a good time to come if you want warmth, sunshine, and to escape the commercial aspects of Christmas at home. Egypt is home to all religions not just Muslim. We, the common people, do not judge people on their religions but on their hearts and nature. We are a tolerant and loving creed who hate injustice and we believe in treating everyone equal and with love.


Best Times: October - May.

Egypt's famous 'Valley Of The Kings' is best visited from Luxor. Many temples here as well. Many people come to see not only our history but possibly all of our histories as Egypt and the Nile is probably how life spread out from Africa and populated the world.


Although people come to see first hand the mysteries of the past, many fall in love with our simple ways of life and the differences between Western living and Egyptian living. 

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