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Mol Smith


Mol Smith writes, produces and directs movies under a sudsidary of his company Ltd.  An obessively creative person, he also writes for a science site he founded, a science magazine he co-founded, author's science books, produces science related educational videos, and creates digital images and books using women as his central subjects.

With a love of both science and spiritual advancement, Mol Smith created a leading science web site and co-founded a monthly magazine which was first established in 1995. The site and magazine encourages people to look at their world at the very small scale and supports microscopists around the globe.

Believing women to be completely superior to men, Mol Smith thinks women were relegated to second place to men, by men sensing and fearing their superiority. His art explores ideas about female sexuality, desire, biology, and the interactions between our ordinary and conditioned way of looking at our lives and confounded by underlying compulsions. His art has been described as  both beautiful and disturbing.

Mol smith formed his own film production business predominately making films with female lead characters which explore myth, magic, beliefs, and ourselves in a novel and quirky style. He writes, produces, directs, shoots, and edits the movies, desiring to keep the stories and their style true to their original concepts.

Mol Smith produces books on  a diverse range of  topics from Philosophy, through to Science, Art, Film Making, and Graphic Novels. 

Mol Smith says...

We live in an era of great change, more change in fact than at any other time in history. Unfortunately, a lot of this is removing our sense of wonder at being alive. We move ever closer to becoming like the machines we rely upon in our modern lives.


I create material, which I hope - in the main - to be more profound than the mass media books, films, and magazines which narrow our perspectives.

Women are always the ambassadors for the themes I explore. I consider my art, films, and writing contain multi-layered ideas and concepts packaged in entertaining and novel form.
I retain my own style and avoid 'bending' my work in sacrifice for greater distribution, wealth, and acknowledgement. My aim is keep alive individual creative works in contrast to mass appeal material. In this way, we are able to see what we might be missing.

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