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Feature Film THE  CHAIR TO EVERYWHERE is now released May 2019.

Feature Film ABDUCTION 2: REVENGE OF THE HIVE QUEEN is now released  2018. 

Short Film THE INVITED is now released

Feature film ABUCTION is now completed

Feature film THE LORELEI is now released 

Feature Film DARK MATTER is now available

Short Film DEAD POSITIVE completed in April 2015 

For further information relating to Mol Smith Films, please visit Onview Films.

Watch them all here.

Recent Trailers

Available now:


Full Length feature film -


The alien greys are here led by a hybrid Hive Queen: half alien grey/half human, and they are stealing our women to inseminate them. Bozena is their target candidate to develop a perfect hybrid and they intend to get her. Can a small band of unlikely heroes save her from a terrible fate?

A farcical romp which mixes comic pastiche of sci-fi movies with contemporary drama.

Recent Trailers

Full Length feature film -

105 minutes.


    A dark tale set in the city of Oxford and the surrounding areas, where many rivers flow and nourish the populace of UK's captial: London.

Richard Cumber, a wealthy and influential businessman of Oxford, is found dead by a river. The police believe him a victim of suicide or of an accident.

   His daughter, Rebecca, thinks otherwise. The journey of discovery reveals a tangled web of secrets, regrets, and characters fighting internal demons.

    A mesmerising tale, - atmospheric, strange, mystical with unexpected twists, like the rivers themselves.

Available now:


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