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July 1st - 2019     We're now busy making a series called "WHAT THE F***?" A series of short highly stylised and mind-blowing stories which are completely off-the-wall, mad-cap, politically incorrect, downright rude and a fingers up in the face of common big budget political correctness. We're gonna break some rules, think outside of the box, and bring something new to the art of story-telling. We kicked off with out first episode, only currently available only here on our streaming  channel, with "Out Of The Storm!"



The film cost £500.00 to make.

It was filmed in a single weekend.

It was a cold late winter 2 days and nights.

Camera used was the Sony 7.

Hose pipes were used to make rain.

The whole film was shot by Kemal Yildirim.


Lesley Evans recorded the sound and held the boom.

The story was inspired by an incident to the writer.

It was freezing cold at night outside.

It was shot in colour and post transformed to B&W.

Premiere CS5 (quite old) was used to edit.

Mol Smith, wrote, directed and edited the film.


"Polly was the leading lady in THE CHAIR TO EVERYWHERE!" 

"Sean played Polly's father in THE CHAIR TO EVERYWHERE."

About to shoot Episode 2: The Artist

Starring: Polly Tregear, Kemal Yildirim, Amy Ellis, and  introducing our new actor in a small guest role: Annie Knox   


A digital artist of fame and fortune is doing a paid job creating a portfolio for a beautiful model. When she asks to be immortalised in one of his famous images, he considers it, telling her it depends on finding a spark in her to inspire him. Another daring and provocative film which probes behind the secret and dark desires of creativity!