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A series: what the f***?

A series of short films connected by a single theme: "What if imagination ran wild on film?" Well, this is the answer!

series 1

Chapter 1: From Out Of The Storm
Inspired by an incident to the writer/director one stormy night when driving from London to Oxford. The power and ferocity of the storm came out of nowhere, flooding narrow country roads. A raging fury...
Starring Polly Treagear & Sean Botha  June 2019
Chapter 2: The Artist
Inspired by the writer's experience as a Digital Artist, this daring and provocative film explores the artist and the way he blurs fiction and reality. A film to mess with your head.
Starring Polly Treagear & Kemal Yildirim  August 2019
Chapter 3: The Quest For The Quantum Vagina
3rd Episode of our series "What the F***?" - a set of short films aimed at lookig at things slightly differently and attempting to infect your mind with that of the story-teller's/ In this episode, two young women, desperate to pay their cumulative out-standing rent and avoid eviction, embark on a medical trial. One of them agrees to have a sensor inserted into her vagina which is said to detect quantum fluctuations - proving we are really connected with a quantum reality.But nothing is ever as it seems!
Starring Annie Knox, Sean Botha, Tessa McGinn, Polly Treagear & Kemal Yildirim  November 2019