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Cast & Crew 

The characters in any movie come alive only because of the people who breathe souls into them. A film is created by the skills and teamwork of those phantoms. Here are ours.


Lorie-Lanie Shanks

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Lorie is a stunning method actor who played the lead role in DEAD POSITIVE.


Her acting skills impressed us so much, she now takes a leading role in our feature film.


Mel is a TV and film actor with years of experience in both low budget and lavishly produced films and TV series. Retaining a love of unique and smaller budget films, and with a heart in supporting and aiding creativity, he brings strength and wisdom to our film production.

Mel has graced 2 of our feature films: Dark Matter & Tainted Love.

Mel Mills

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Kemal Yildirim

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Kemal is a multi-skilled director, producer, DOP, and actor. Years of experience are combined with main lead roles in films, including the award-winning MALADY, to bring value and stunning character portrayal to our movie.


Sophie Townsend

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Sophie is as impish as her character but with razor intelligence and a perfect match for the role of Sarah.


Not only an actor, but with a love and passion of make up and a qualified psychologist,

she brings many skills into her acting role.



Tessa is both an accomplished,  actor of stage and film, as well as a singer. She has appeared in numerous BBC, ITV & Channel 4 productions and brings to our film the experience and skill required to portray a strong character in a challenging role.

Tessa McGinn

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Amelie is an established actor of both film and theatre who is multi-lingual, speaking fluent English, Swiss German, French, and German.

Her dark looks and mediterranean sun-kissed complexion adds exotic and mysterious beauty to her presence. Trouble by role but not by nature!

Amelie Leroy

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Paul took a lead role in our first feature film - Tainted Love - and has been a true professional of stage and film since the beginning of time. He has appeared in countless TV productions in the UK and previously hosted his own show on the QVC channel. He returns to us now in this movie as a wealthy Oxford businessman.

Paul Lavers

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Nikita is a very young actor cutting her teeth here in her first feature film in vital supporting  role. Nikita is the sister of Lorie Shanks, who plays Rebeeca. In fact, the Shanks family share a remarkable set of talents including acting and singing, as well as their beautiful looks. 

Nikita-Nina Shanks

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Lesley Evans & Mol Smith


Mol, a frustrated writer, started making movies in 2011. Many shorts and two feature  films later, he is a director, producer, writer, shooter, and editor. He believes although it's tough carrying out so many roles in the making of a film, it is the best way to create  movies, which have compelling stories at their core, and turn out as films possessing acceptable production quality values, when working with limited budgets.


Quote: "If you want to tell stories, make sure you start with a blank sheet of good quality paper, and ink that doesn't fade!


Get that right, and people might be able to read it! Movies need the same basic materials. What is written on the sheet may be rubbish or brilliant, but if no-one can read it, without distraction, it's rubbish anyway!"




Janeks Babidorics

Lesley is Mol's life partner: his mistress in bed and his mistress on the film set. She adores the people who come to work together and looks after everyone with love, care, and attention.


On set, she looks after much of the continuity, sound recording, dress and costume, and make-up, ​and helps all the parts of film-making glue together.


She says, "Mol can be a demanding and frustrating guy in his passion to create compelling work with such limited resources, but he always accomplishes what he sets out to do. And I love that about him. I know absolute joy spending time with the cast and I feel the process of making a film, although challenging, is a rich and rewarding experience."


Janeks is a young theatre-trained actor venturing into films to add to his widening skills, experience, and natural talent.  


A serious and commited studier of the actors art, he comes highly recommended to our team of soul creators for the characters in our movie. We are proud to have him in our team.


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Sophie Renee

Sophie is another young actor taking on a very challenging role as Kelly in our movie. Trained in Oxford and Livepool, this will be her first leading role in a major feature film. 

Kelly brings with her an ultra positive 'can-do' will-do attitude along with warmth and surburb social skills which helps cement together a dedicated and friendlty tream.

Dominic O'Flynn


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Dominic has played main roles including a main lead role in both of my two feature films and starred in a lot of my shorts. 


He is an accomplished actor. His generosity to help out an old film making buddy (namely little old me) by playing a camero role in The Lorelei, I'm sure will bring that special extra touch of magic to this, my third feature.


I am so pleased to have him aboard. 

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