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Are you making a new film?

Yes. it's been shot. Now in Post Production. Release planned in 2017. ABDUCTION.

What kit are you using to make this movie?

Camera: Canon 70D. Sound: several mics... shotguns mostly. Audio recording: Tascam. Edited on Adobe Premeire.

What's your budget?

Zero Budget: £38,000

Most of this is never paid but estimated as the editing wage, the shooting wage, and the sound recording wage. Some actors also commit to pay if the film makes a profit, and they know the chances are slim for low budget real independent films. The actual costs paid to shoot the film is about a third of this.

Why make zero budget movies?

Because it is not only possible but easily achievable to make high quality low budget movies if you have compelling stories and passionate actors. It is not an easy path and requires a lot of work, but we want to show movies are not just the tool of rich big film production companies, but is the tool we can all use to entertain ourselves.

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