Released October 2014


Dark Matter

A movie. A graphic novel. A book.



Doctor Reynolds is degenerating into a depressed alcoholic over the death of his wife. A brilliant scientist is now a fading wreck.

One night, a meteorite smashes into his garden, provoking a renewed interest in his science. The rock seems to have a life of its own, buried inside, and the good doctor cultivates it until unexpectedly and within a short time, an alien life form emerges.

But what is this creature's purpose? It doesn't seem to know.

The doctor fears for the safety of the alien and does his best to protect it from discovery, even from his best friend Valerie.

But something very strange is going on... something disturbing and unexpected. The doctor starts seeing his dead wife again. Is he going mad? Does it have something to do with the alien presence?

Dark Matter is a thought-provoking story where you will travel into the heart of human darkness and discover the core of dark. secret desires. Atmospheric. Scary. Poetic. Surprising!


Starring: Dominic O'Flynn + Gina Purcell + Jamie-Jodie Shanks + Sharon Lawrence + Mel Mills

By the Movie Production Company who produced 'Tainted Love'