About Mol

Interests: Practical, physical things like fixing houses to stay in contact with reality. Science and science hobbies with hands on experience.

Animal which best describes me: A Chipmunk ( I talk too much! )

Star sign: Scorpion

Other living thing I would like to be: A Whale. Lots or reflective time and in a quiet place deep in the ocean. And no problem getting food.

Piece of Music I love:

The Power of Love. (J.Rush)

Mol's thoughts on Indie Films

Great stories are about human beings and their trial and tribulations. At a tender age, I was demolished by a life event and only after I started watch Indie movies and european films did I realise that some of us care about the human journey and what happened to me wasn't unique. Most mainstream movies tend to move ever more towards mainstream escapism and merchandising post-film products like games and toys. I believe Independent films can offer great entertainment whilst offering an insight into an aspect of life with a greater statement and focus on that. Through watching our escapism so we also learn more about ourselves in a novel way.


Mol Smith on IMDB

Mol Smith

Mol Smith is a script writer. Rather than 'pitch' scripts in a sea of script-pitchers, he decided to simply just make the films of the stories he writes.

Dark Matter is his second produced feature film and the film feature he directed and filmed himself.

His earlier work - Tainted-Love, directed by Will Moore has achieved cult status in the UK.

Of Dark Matter, he says...

I wanted to show a great story could be told and a film produced with a small team, small money and loads of passion. You don't need big bucks to make great movies, just patience, passionate people, and tenacity.