About Pierangela

Interests: Art & Music

Animal which best describes me: Black Panther

Star sign: Capricorn

Other living thing I would like to be:

Mermaid / Unicorn

Piece of Music I love:

Imagine by John Lennon

My thoughts on Indie Films

Personally I'm a great fan of anything independent be it music or film business , I realise that the low budget films don't get to as wide an audience this being a shame as quite often the lower budget films have what no money can buy and that is the collective resourcefulness passion dedication and pure love for the project resulting in a timeless quality production despite its low funding . I'm not a big fan of mainstream American big budget films, in my teens I worked at a cult cinema which only put on French and Italian films with subtitles, or anything that wasn't main stream and that was the beginning of my preference in movies .


Pierangela Manzetti

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Pierangela is more than a make-up artist. She specialises in exquisite and original head-dresses, but her SFX work using liquid latex as a base for creating alien life forms breathed life into unusual out-of-this-world creatures.