About Mel

Interests: Ancient histories, music, poetry, fishing, shooting, survival & living off the land are just a few of my interests. . as well as a good Scotch and bad women

Animal which best describes me: The Bear. . . . .large, strong, likes to fish has a sweet tooth, likes to sleep . . .

Star sign: Taurus the Bull

Other living thing I would like to be: The only problem with being an animal or bird of any kind is that all are under constant threat by the Humans!! Otherwise, maybe a whale, exploring the oceans depths and travelling huge distances whilst being at the top of the food chain or a large bird of prey. . .being able to fly at will must be wonderful! . . .but I've always had a love of Wolves, so if I had to make a choice, then a large wolf!!

Piece of Music I love:

Right now I am re visiting some of the rock classics I grew up with, trying to learn to play Led Zeppelins 'Rain Song' on guitar, one of my all time favorite pieces, with huge memories attached it is as significant to day as it was the very first day I heard it . . . .music is the one thing that can still move me to tears! It is the piece I would choose to have played at my funeral


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